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e back veranda toiled ceasele●ssly; a gardener clipped away at the shr▓ubbery in the mission grounds; a native aya fol▓lowed th


e two tiny memsahibs who dr▓ove about the house a team of lizards, harnes●sed in tandem with the reins tied to their hi▓nd legs.In short, the reverend ge●ntleman lived in a style rarel▓y dreamed of by men of the cloth at home, or● by the sympathetic spinsters to whose charit●y the adjacent he

athen owed thei●r threatened evangelization. ● For all his profession, h

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owever, t▓he man from Indiana was one whose acquaintanc▓eship was well worth the making.To ▓us especially, for when he wa▓s on


ce convinced that our plea for emp●loyment was genuine, he quickly fou▓nd something to put us at.One ●would have fancied that a “handy man〃埍 had never before entered the mis▓sion grounds.There was barely a trade of whi●ch we knew the rudiments that we did▓ not take a turn at during our s●tay.Having served apprenticeship in ●earlier days as carpenter, blacksmith,● shoemaker, and “carriage trimme●r,” I repaired the floor and s●everal doors and windows, cons▓tructed two kitchen benches, forged w▓ardrobe hooks, half-soled the family shoes, an▓d upholstered two chairs used on “state occ●asions.” James, meanwhile, recover●ed the pa

dre’s pack-saddle,● overhauled and oiled his fire▓-arms, put new roosts in his ●henhouse, and set his lumber room in ▓order.It was not that native workm▓en were scarce; a small army ▓of servants flitted about the bu●ngalow, leering at our loss ●of caste.But saddening experi●ence had taught the missionar●y that Hindu or Burmese workmen not● only made a botch of any task outside thei▓r narrow fields, but ruined with surpr▓ising rapidity the tools of whi●ch he had brought a well-stocked chest from his▓ native land. Our first day’s lab●or was enlivene

d with tales of● the horrors that would befall us if we persiste●d in cont

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inuing our journey; the se●cond, with pleas for a longer so●journ; the third, with preparations● for our departure.As to th●e route, we could learn no more than the ▓names of three villages through whi●ch the “wild men” of the i●nterior 412passed on their way to Siam.To ▓what section of Siam their trail might bring us ●no m



an knew. A few hours over was▓htub and needle made our rags presentable, a▓nd we still had two extra cotton suits.● That these and our other possessions▓ might be protected from the tropical deluges, w▓e bought two squares of oilcloth● in which to roll our “swag.” My bundle contai●ned one of the two pai

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